Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Joseph Bitangcol caught half-naked sleeping inside car

A photo of actor Joseph Bitangcol made rounds online, revealing his half-naked, unconscious condition inside his parked car along Marcos Avenue, raising speculations whether the actor was high on drugs.

But in an interviw with "Startalk," Joseph explained his side and denied the accusations about him using prohibited drugs.

He said he came from Isabela for an indie film shoot and drove for eight hours. He admitted he was a bit drunk that time and decided to park to buy drinking water, but fell asleep even before he got out of his car.

He also explained the reason why he was half-naked that time because he thought he already got home when he parked.

He also said the MMDA officers accompanied him home.

In 2011, Joseph and five of his friends were seriously injured in a car accident in Antipolo City.

[Photo: arj.cunanan via Showbiz Nest]

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