Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tiya Pusit and 27-year-old boyfriend split up

Comedienne Tiya Pusit and her 27-year-old boyfriend Nathan Villa have reportedly split up.

On his DZMM radio program "Mismo," showbiz reporter Ahwel Paz shared the news. Tiya Pusit, 65, is set to marry her boyfriend next year.

The alleged reason for the breakup stemmed over their mounting differences. Nathan's parents allegedly told Tiya Pusit, Myrna Villanueva in real life, to stop mentioning their family name in her showbiz engagements.

The source cited one reason that supposedly led to the breakup was when Nathan allegedly requested Tiya Pusit to get him a part in the upcoming "Pinoy Big Brother" series on ABS-CBN.

[Photo: ABS-CBN]

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