Friday, January 24, 2014

Teen, 16, strangles, kills lover during sex 'game'

A 16-year-old teenage girl was arrested after strangling her 43-year-old boyfriend to death during their sexual act in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday.

Authorities said Jason Ash was found dead in an apartment in the city of Glendale Saturday evening. An AP report said he was discovered lying on his back on a bed with an electrical cord around his neck and cuts to his face, arms and body.

The girl's mother told police she left her daughter alone in their apartment with Ash. A separate report said the mother was fully aware that her daughter was having a non-consensual sex with her partner.

She also said the couple was "playing sex games and he was cut on the arms and choked."

The teen subsequently fled but was charged as an adult on Wednesday and remained jailed.

Sex with a minor is a felony under Arizona law, therefore, the suspect also appears to be a victim, a criminal defense lawyer said.

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