Thursday, June 19, 2014

ABS-CBN recording artist flees after stabbing friend

An ABS-CBN recording artist fled after allegedly stabbing his friend several times inside his home in Makati last week.

Sherwin Andrada, 19, of Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo in the said city went into hiding after stabbing John Matthew Tamonte, 17, of Barangay Cembo at around 10:50 p.m. at the suspect's house, according to a report from Inquirer.

The suspect is using the stage name Wynn Andrada and is an ABS-CBN recording artist who launched a self-titled album last year after competing in the songwriting competition "Himig Handog."

Police said Andrada invited his pal at his house on Felipe Street where the stabbing occurred.

While the two were talking, Andrada suddenly drew a knife and stabbed Tamonte twice. Andrada's father tried to stop the commotion but the singer was able to stab his friend for the third time in the back.

The victim was able to return home after being wounded and was brought at the Ospital ng Makati where he remained confined Friday. ABS-CBN News said Tamonte is now under stable condition, while Andrada is still at large.

Makati police chief of the investigation section Major Reynaldo Gardoque said Andrade's family asked not to file charges anymore, as they promised to shoulder all of the victim's hospital expenses.

In case the Tamontes push through with the case, the singer will be charged with frustrated homicide and serious physical injuries.

The motive of the attack is still unknown and authorities said they will conduct further investigation.

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