Friday, July 4, 2014

High school student dies while taking selfie

A high school student died after allegedly involving in an accident while taking a "selfie."

In a report by ABS-CBN News, a 14-year-old female student of Rizal High School in Pasig City was taking a photo of herself when she fell off the stairs of the third floor inside the school premises on Monday.

The unnamed student was accompanied by a friend when the accident took place.

Conflicting reports however were received by the victim's uncle, saying that the student was rushed to Rizal Medical Center after feeling dizzy. The victim was already dead when he arrived at the hospital.

The family of the victim suspects the death may not have been due to an accident. They are also planning to file charges against the school.

The school's principal insisted that it was really an accident, and the victim and her friend may have sneaked out of their classroom during class hours.

Autopsy reports meanwhile revealed that the victim sustained broken bones, and an injury at the back of her head. It was also discovered that the victim's rib pierced through her kidney.

[Photo: Wikipedia]

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