Monday, August 4, 2014

'American Idol' alum Michael Johns dies

Michael Johns, who competed in the seventh season of popular TV show "American Idol," has died at the age of 35, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Michael Johns was an incredible talent and we are deeply saddened by the news of his passing," a statement read on Idol's official Facebook page. "He was a part of our American Idol family and he will be truly missed. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this difficult time."

The Australian-born singer suffered a blood clot in his ankle, caused by a foot injury.

A report from TMZ said Michael was in a "great amount of pain" after injuring his ankle. He apparently visited a doctor on Thursday after the "swelling and bruising had made their way up his leg."

The singer allegedly was cleared to go home, but was found dead the following afternoon on his friend's couch. He reportedly died in his sleep.

Johns joined Idol in 2008, where he came in eight place while David Cook was pronounced as the winner.

Johns was married to Los Angeles interior designer Stacey Vuduris.

[Photo: Reuters]

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