Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jobelle Bascug, Cebu's most beautiful shoplifter

She may be the most beautiful shoplifter, but Jobelle Bascug is facing a crime for stealing items in a boutique in Cebu.

A report from Aksyon Bisaya said Bascug is allegedly the woman who shoplifted clothes and accessories from S.T.U.D. boutique in Mandaue City in the said province Thursday afternoon.

The store's sales attendant said he did not imagine Bascug will shoplift because she looks very beautiful and posh. She allegedly tried out different products inside the boutique for about two hours.

Bascug then exited the store wearing the dress, high-heeled shoes, jewelry and shoulder bag of the establishment.

"Hinananap niya ang CR dito, kaya sinamahan siya ng kasama namin. Pero bumalik siya at naghihintay ng tamang pagkakataon. Paglabas niya, hinabol ko siya sa elevator dahil suot pa niya ang mga items namin," the boutique's attendant Adam Dignos said in Cebuano.

Bascug was traced with a boat ticket she left along with the clothes she wore before entering the shop.

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage also testified that the woman was Bascug. Authorities have also searched through Facebook and found out she has a Facebook Page with around 50,000 likes.

The store's owner, Jessa Romagos, then contacted Bascug, who promised to pay for the items. But Romagos said she is still pursuing charges against the woman.

Bascug was also accused of not paying in a disco bar, but she was released immediately after a settlement was made.

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