Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mo Twister calls Julian Estrada douchebag for Ferrari post

Mo Twister is yet again involved in an online catfight with Julian Estrada, child of detained senator Jinggoy Estrada.

The story started with Mo, Mohan Gumatay in real life, took to Instagram to call out young actor Estrada over a photo of him posing with a Ferrari.

Gumatay captioned the photo with "How to Properly Be A Douchebag."

"Exhibit A: @julesestrada Step 1: Get a Ferrari and pretend you paid for it. Step 2: Tweet a pic of the key. Step 3: Over the weekend, go to a 5 star hotel with said Ferrari. And Step 4 (most important): Clip and dangle the key OUTSIDE of your pants so everyone can see that the key has a Ferrari emblem and we can all pretend to drool in envy that you have a Ferrari instead of our country having a new school set up somewhere people may have needed it. Jules, you are a proper douche," the caption of the Instagram photo said.

Hours after the photo was uploaded, Estrada said the Ferrari in the photo was not his. He however did not mention Gumatay in his tweet.

"for your information guys the sexy ass ferrari i posted wasnt mine & the key i held was just a lighter. no kiddin (: just to let u guys know," it said.

Estrada has since then blocked Gumatay on Twitter. The DJ responded with a "Why did you block me, bro?" in a tweet, mentioning the showbiz newcomer.

Last July, Gumatay was engaged in a Twitter war with Julian and San Juan Councilor Janella "Jel" Ejercito, also a child of Jinggoy, who was jailed over pork barrel controversy.

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