Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MRT-3 train derailed at Taft station, 38 hurt

A train of Metro Rail Transit (MRT) derailed at the Taft Avenue station in Pasay City Wednesday afternoon, hurting at least 38 passengers aboard.

The city government's public information office posted update via Twitter that the 38 injured passengers were taken to Pasay City General Hospital (25 passengers), San Juan De Dios Hospital (10 passengers), and Adventist Hospital (3 passengers).

Pasay General Hospital

Alvarez, Rocelle, 33
Avelida, Michael, 49
Castillo, Ronalyn, 25
Conchi, Maria Cristina, 59
Delos Reyes, Glaiza, 27
Delos Reyes, Lorraine, 6
Deocariza, Cristina, 30
Francisco, Davelyn, 28
Francisco, Hanna, 4
Galangsie, Jenalyn, 30
Guillermo, Zenaida, 60
Khu, Ruel, 29
Lasalla, Remegio, 61
Mendoza, Gina, 34
Rasuman, Ramil, 42
Rucero, Magdalena, 68
Santos, Mirasol, 29
Soso, Avelina, 49
Sufilo, Richard, 59
Villanueva, Emanuel, 29
Villanueva, Lorlie, 41

San Juan de Dios Hospital

Abelida, Michael, 47
Bayan, Lorie, 24
Calo, Margarita, 62
Ermita, Krystel, 24
Martinez May, 26
Martinez, Von Andrei, 6
Vasques, Ethalinda, 55
Verzosa, Norminda, 63
Villarica, Vicente, 55
Villarica, Ma Fedeliz Pena, 51

Adventist Hospital

Arlita, Edgardo Mendez, 59
Makiling, Alben, 27
OrbaƱo, Rhea Terrado, 32

The train which went past it's barrier at the Taft Avenue station also caused a post to fall over a car.

A report from Rappler noted one of the passengers the train's door opened as it approached Taft station. Another passenger said the problems began at the Magallanes station, where the train's air-conditioning went off.

DOTC-MRT3 issued an advisory on Twitter, saying the glitch was caused by a "technical problem."

"Advisory: We are currently undergoing necessary intervention for the technical problem encountered. We apologize for the inconvenience TY," it said.

Pasay City police started securing the area to make sure people would not panic. Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) rescuers and enforcers are on site, and advised motorist to "expect heavy traffic" in the area.

The government has started a probe on the derailment shortly after it happened. It will determine whether the accident was caused by technical error, or human error, said Hernando Cabrera, spokesman of the LRTA and MRT-3.

He said, citing a report from Inquirer, that as the second train was pushing the first, the coupling between the two broke, causing the first train to ram into the metal stopper, which gave way. The train then broke through the metal railings at the end of the station and hit a lamppost, which fell to the ground because of the impact.

Because the first train had broken down due to technical difficulties, the automatic brake kicked in, a built-in safety feature to prevent runaway trains.

The brake was deactivated to allow the second train to push the first one forward so it could be brought to Taft for inspection. The second train had to unload passengers at Magallanes station in order to push the first train, a standard MRT operating procedure, Cabrera said.

Since the first train did not have its brakes on when the uncoupling happened, it freewheeled past the end of the rail and metal barrier, he added.

Witnesses said the front part of the train – which usually carries women, children and the elderly and the disabled – punched through the wire and concrete fence of the station before resting on the pedestrian lane between EDSA and the northbound side of Taft Avenue.

Operations at the MRT-3 were halted following the accident.

[Photos: Kim Yumol/Ryan Greatuno via Twitter]

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