Monday, August 11, 2014

Pinay suffers mental breakdown, strips naked in HK

An alleged mentally distressed Filipina took off her clothes and stripped off at a train station in Hong Kong, a report from ABS-CBN News said.

The source cited website Apple Daily, which posted the video, saying the woman was identified only as "Liza," 39 years old, who stripped naked and wore nothing but her panties at the Mongkok Mass Transit Railway (MTR) in the said country.

The report said Liza was screaming in front of ATM machines at the train station. She allegedly had a mental breakdown. She also wailed and spoke incoherent words and scared people.

A separate report from Coconuts Hong Kong said the incident, which happened July 23, formed a crowd and filmed Liza with their mobile devices.

"In typical Hong Kong fashion, no one came to the clearly distressed woman’s aid but instead ensured her continued humiliation by forming a crowd and filming her with their mobile devices. One such man can be heard giggling as he filmed," it said.

The report said a woman tried to give her clothes but she refused to wear them, and only screamed at her.

The incident lasted for half an hour until MTR staff gained control and wrapped Liza in a towel. Police took her to a hospital.

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