Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sponsored Video: Jude Law dances for Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Jude Law made a gentleman's wager with Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini in a short film for JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL, titled "The Gentleman's Wager" and directed by Jake Scott.

In the video, Law and Giannini are seen sitting back on a luxurious 1928 rarer than rare Italian boat, and there's nothing else like it in the world! The deal? Law wants the boat, but he's not buying it with money. Instead, he wants to win it with a dance!

With his desire to win the boat, Law arranged a one-of-a-kind performance orchestrated by playing a piano and, for the deal, the dance.

The performance ended in a victory and Law wins the wager. Despite having it all, Law challenges himself to strive for something he wants that money can't buy.

The second-time around the men went aboard, Giannini proposed a buy-back of the vessel. But Law said the same words the older gentleman said to him when he offered to buy the boat. In the end, Giannini proposed to buy it with a story.

"The film is about improvement and progress and this is something I try to do in my work and my everyday life. I had to learn new skills shooting this film and that combined with the places we visited and shot in, alongside working with Jake and with Giancarlo, made it a truly rare experience," explained Law.

Like the two gents featured in the video, JOHNNIE WALKER strives for the very best in life with their BLUE LABEL blend. The Scotch whisky is blended from rare casks of whiskies and is so unique in flavor and signature that only one of every 10,000 barrels meets the mark. For over 190 years, JOHNNIE WALKER Master Blenders themselves hand-selected BLUE LABEL whisky in individually numbered bottles - a reminiscent of the 19th century style of whiskies.

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