Tuesday, February 24, 2015

College student charged for sexually assaulting woman by re-enacting 'Fifty Shades' scenes

A college student has been charged for sexually assaulting a fellow student inside his dormitory at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Mohammad Hossain, 19, tied up his victim, whipping and punching her before raping her, as he told the police they were re-enacting a scene from the movie "Fifty Shades of Grey."

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is an erotic drama film about a less-than-traditional relationship between a wealthy, controlling businessman and a sexually-naive college student.

Hossain, a freshman engineering student, said he and the alleged victim went to his room on Saturday afternoon. He asked her to remove her clothing, which she consented to, but kept her bra and underwear on, before tying her hands and legs with belts.

He used a necktie to cover her mouth and pulled a knit cap over her eyes before removing her underwear. Hossain then struck her several times with a belt before she told him to stop as he was hurting her.

The woman began "shaking her head and crying" but Hossain allegedly continued hitting and punching her. He is said to have held her arms behind her back and sexually assaulted her as she pleaded for him to stop.

The woman left Hossain's dorm after the assault and reported the incident to the police.

Hossain remains in custody on a $500,000 bail.

[screengrab from YouTube]

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