Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Baron Geisler to fight Kiko Matos in MMA cage

Baron Geisler has accepted the invitation to fight independent film actor Kiko Matos inside a mixed martial arts (MMA) cage.

The invitation was sent by Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC), thru its founder Alvin Aguilar. The match is set on June 25.

"In the URCC, we make sure that all street fights get settled inside the URCC cage. So guys we are offering you both a chance to finally settle your score inside the URCC cage and not in the streets," Aguilar said.

Baron recently had a squabble with Kiko at a bar in Quezon City, which was captured in a viral video circulating online.

The video shows the two appearing to shake hands and Baron saying "okay lang yan" before Kiko punches him.

According to an interview with News 5, Baron said he was angered at Kiko for disrespecting a bartender.

"Magkita tayo sa mata. Pagod ako. Pagod na pagod ako. Pero sige. Ikaw, Kiko Matos, magkita tayo sa mata. Mahal kita, pero bibigwasan kita. Isa lang," he said, showing a fist. "Magkita tayo."

Kiko in an interview on 24 Oras Weekend said he wanted to teach Baron a lesson for acting as if he owns the place (bar).

"Alam ko, aminado ako na ako nakipag-shake hands pero gusto ko lang naman turuan ng leksyon si Baron eh. Di naman kasi niya pwedeng alam mo yon umasta na siya may ari nung lugar."

He also said he has no qualms in fighting Baron under the MMA rules.

"Baron Geisler, mahal mo ako? Kiss kita. Sige, kahit saan. Anytime, anywhere, I'll be there," Kiko said.

[Photo: Bandera]

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