Tuesday, July 26, 2016

VIRAL: Car driver shoots biker dead over road rage

A CCTV footage showed a car driver shooting and killing a bicycle rider in a road rage in Quiapo, Manila Monday night.

The victim was identified as Mark Vincent Geralde, 35 years old. In the video footage of Brgy, 385 Zone 38, Geralde was seen engaging in a fistfight with the driver of a red Hyundai Eon, with conduction plate MO 3746.

Based on the footage, the altercation started when the car tried to block the biker's way. The two were arguing while the suspect was still inside his car.

In a report by GMA News, Inspector Yolando Espina of the Barbosa Police Community Precinct said the incident happened after the car hit the bicycle along P. Casal Street.

After the fistfight, the car driver returned to his car, as the biker was seen trying to make amends with him. The biker was about to go his way when the driver went out again, carrying a firearm.

The footage showed the driver shooting Geralde in the face point blank. Reports said four additional shots were fired.

Another civilian, identified as Rosell Bondoc, 18, was hit by a stray bullet  and remains confined at the Mary Chiles General Hospital.

Manila Police District (MPD) recovered four empty shells and slug of a caliber .45 pistol at the crime scene. It said it is now coordinating with the Land Transportation Office (LTO)

Suspect tracked down by netizens?

In a post by Top Gear Philippines, the Hyundai Eon with conduction sticker number MO 3746 has been traced to a certain Nestor Punzalan.

On his Facebook profile, Punzalan made a cover photo of a red Hyundai Eon car with the same sticker number as shown in the CCTV footage.

Top Gear however said that they still don't have the facts with 100% certainty, so Punzalan is still innocent until proven guilty.

UPDATE (July 26, 11:27 p.m.): Punzalan claims he is innocent

Punzalan surfaced to the National Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday night and admitted he owns a Hyundai Eon that has conduction sticker similar to the photo spreading in social media, but claimed that his car was never used the night of the incident.

NBI agents are about to take Punzalan's car for investigation.

In an update from Top Gear Philippines' Facebook page, it said they received a message from a person who doesn't want to be identified saying that the actual conduction sticker is MO 3745, and not MO 3746 as compared to earlier reports.

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