Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bulacan massacre: Man high on drugs rapes 2 women, kills 3 children

"Trip trip lang."

These are the words of 26-year-old construction worker Carmelino Ibañez after murdering five members of a family in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

In an exclusive interview with ABS-CBN News, Ibañez said he and his cohorts, only identified as "Tony" and "Inggo", were under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol when they killed Auring Carlos, her daughter Estrella, and three grandchildren aged 1, 5, and 11.

"Wala lang po, parang trip-trip lang... Naisipan lang pasukin, ganoon. Hindi naman po sinadya namin na talagang - kusa lang pong pinasok."

Police Chief Superintendent Aaron Aquino, Director of the Police Regional Office 3, said the suspect confessed to the crime in front of his mother and sister.

"On his way home, bigla na lang daw may bumulong sa kanya na pasukin niya bahay ng biktima and since naka-lock yung front door, doon siya sa likod. May nakahambalang daw lang na kahoy kaya madali niyang nabuksan," Aquino said.

The suspect, who lives in the same subdivision, just two blocks away from the victims' house, first killed the grandmother who was sleeping downstairs, then raped her. She obtained 32 stab wounds.

When Estrella heard the commotion, she went downstairs to check.

"Nung nakita niyang nire-rape, tumakbo siya sa likod ng bahay para tumakas siguro. Ang ginawa nung suspect, hinabol niya yung mother and again doon niya sinaksak ulit," Aquino said.

Estrella, who received 45 stab wounds, was also raped.

The suspect also killed the three children who were upstairs. The eldest child sustained 15 stab wounds, his sister was stabbed 19 times, and their 1-year-old brother was stabbed 5 times.

The suspect used a knife found in the victims' kitchen to kill the family.

Dexter Carlos Jr., a bank security guard, was devastated after coming home from work to see his family murdered.

Police are still investigating other persons of interest.

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