Monday, September 25, 2017

PH is 4th laziest country in the world — study

The Philippines ranked fourth laziest country in the world according to a recent study from Stanford University.

Smartphone data from more than 700,000 people around the globe has been collated by scientists to find out the most active and laziest countries, by measuring the number of steps people take each day.

The study was published last July in the advance online edition of Nature research journal.

The Philippines was among the "activity poor" countries with 4,008 daily steps on average.

Fellow Asian countries are behind PH - Malaysia with 3,963 steps, Saudi Arabia with 3,807, and Indonesia with 3,513.

Residents of Hong Kong are the "most active" in the world, taking 6,880 daily steps.

On average, the number of daily steps taken was 4,961, or around 4km, according to the study.

Researcher Scott Delp connected the results of the study to the obesity rate per country.

"If you think about some people in a country as 'activity rich' and others as 'activity poor,' the size of the gap between them is a strong indicator of obesity levels in that society," Delp noted.

The research aims to improve public health campaigns against obesity and support policies to make cities more "walkable" and pedestrian-friendly.

[Photo: Rolex Dela Pena/EPA]

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